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İç aksesuarlar
Stok Kodu:OM 15101.03
Fiyatı: 173,08 TL KDV Dahil
Havale İle: 164,42 TL KDV Dahil
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The Rugged Ridge Power Cup is an electroniic accessory for any vehicle to use, which features 2 USB ports and 2 DC sockets. The USB ports are used for charging your smartphones and the DC sockets are used for powering entertainment systems such as GPS/navigation devices or dvd players. This power cup has a 2 foot power cable that plugs into your vehicle's power port and securely placed in the cup holder. The built-in DC power and amp indicator lights display the current power status of your devices.
Product Details:
2 USB ports and 2 DC sockets
Built-in DC power and amp indicator
Great for powering your smartphones, GPS devices, DVD players or anything else
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